NSC reveal writing to WR

The NSC letter to the Western Region [WR] Sports Committee came in response to the information concerning the constitution and its amendments. He said if there is any amendment, this must be circulated to all the participating wards well before the congress for rectification and adoptions during the congress.

Cham who was speaking to Point’s reporter in an interview in his office at the Independence Stadium on Tuesday further asserted that the National Sports Council is the supreme body governing all sporting committees or associations in the country.

The National Sports Council’s Executive Secretary also used the platform to give an example of the order of authority and respect for authority in clubs, regions, associations, National Sports Council, and of course the ministry.  

"I am executing my duties as the Executive Secretary of the National Sports Council without fear or favour and my role is to assist in giving directives and assistance to all sporting bodies under the National Sports Council," he pointed out.

The Chairman of the Western Region Sports Committee, Lamin King Colley still stood by his words saying that Western Region will not amend their constitution as directed by the National Sports Council, given the fact that the National Sports Council cannot dictate them and therefore it is not their responsibility to tell them to amend their constitution

The Brikama Youth and Sports Committee went further to admit that the National Sports Council should not ask them about their financial report; hence they have not given them any financial assistance.

He informed Point Sport that Western Region will go ahead with its congress, slated for December 12th 2009 in Bwiam, despite the council’s failure to give them the green light to stage that event.

The National Sports Council, King noted had advised them to hold on before they could go for the congress due to the arrival of the queen’s baton which is due in Banjul on 11th.

But if the words of the Chairman of the Western Region Sports Committee are anything to go by, he is not aware of the fact that the queen’s baton is coming to the Western Region, despite the fact that he is the number one man in sports in the area and therefore he will not cancel his programme for something that he is not aware of.

"We are due for congress in Bwiam on December 12th and it has nothing to do with the arrival of the queen’s baton which is scheduled to visit the Western Region a day after our congress," King Colley explained.

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