Ceesay rejects Put’s claims

The Belgian tactician a couple of weeks ago had told Gambia Sports Online that the former Wallidan hitman and Aziz Corr Nyang has refused to honour national call-ups and this the player has dismissed.

In an exclusive interview with Baboucarr Njie, the former U-17 and U-20 striker said he was not able to join the team because he has other commitments to fulfil with his club and the fact that it wasn’t a FIFA sanctioned date, he was not allowed to leave.

“I was not able to come and join them in training because I have league games to prepare for. He sent an invitation to my team but because it was not a FIFA sanctioned date, I was not allowed to go even though it was on holidays and also I don’t even have the time to travel because I have games to prepare.

“So for the coach to come out and say that I am not committed to the team is not true but I have no bad feelings about that and if I am call upon again, if it is the right time, I will come and play for my country” Ceesay who on Sunday returned to Belgium after a five days holiday in the Gambia in which he got married told www.gambiasports,gm.

According to Ceesay, his relationship with his compatriots are very good especially the Belgian contingent and the full interview can be listen to at the Audio section of our website.

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